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Calling all Longbowmen!

A Grand Historical Archery Competition is afoot, Come try your skills against the best Longbowmen on the West Coast. The Yuletide Medieval Festival is excited to work with a variety of entertainers. If you are part of a longbow club, please signup and review the rules below to compete!

Tournaments will be held on both Saturdays of Yuletide 2024.

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Tournament Rules:

1) You must be dressed as an Archer from the Medieval time period (500ad to 1500ad).

2) You need your own equipment.

a. Wooden Longbow (Flat or D-stave are acceptable)

i. No sighting devices of any kind

b. Feather Fletched Wood Arrows

i. Natural or Plastic nocks are acceptable.
ii. Field Points Only

c. No mechanical release device (Gloves, Archers 3 finger gloves, Medieval thumb release, or leather tabs are acceptable)


3) The Targets will be Wreaths and Wands


4) The event will be shot by firelight.


5) Scoring will be as follows:

a. 2 points in the center of a wreath

b. 1 point touching the wreath (even 1 twig)

c. 1 point touching a wooden wand.

d. 2 points splitting a wooden wand.

e. We may combine the wreath and wand (1 point in wreath, 2 points in the center of the wreath not touching wand, 3 points in wreath and touching the wand, 4 points in the wreath and slitting the wand, 5 points in the center of the wreath while touching the wand, and 6 points for splitting the wand in the center of the wreath.)

f. All advancements are in ends only. (If you advance it is because you scored well in the end, not in a bracket) We typically advance 2 Archers per end.


6) The prize is an English Yew Longbow and a Trophy!


7) Please remember this competition is a show for the public. So please enter with a positive

attitude and a passion for fun in Archery. We reserve the right to disqualify any archer to keep

the show a positive enjoyable experience for our patrons.


8) You are also welcome to compete in our daytime tournament. The tournament is shot on FITA-style targets and recurves are allowed as well as longbows. Silver and Gold Eagle pins are the prizes.

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